Ecoplas Joins The Eurocell Recycle Family in Latest Business Rebrand

In 2019 Eurocell recycled the equivalent of 3.2 million frames. A year on increase of 8%.

Having invested millions in developing recycling capability. They stopped 10 of 1000s of tonnes of PVC-U from going to landfill. That’s the equivalent of 3,700 double-decker buses!

The facilities allow the window profile to be more sustainable. The process can be repeated up to 10 times. Giving recycled PVC-U a lifespan of up to 350 years

Everyone has an opinion on plastic and the impact it has on the planet – the war on plastic is being raged by everyone from the man on the street to the media and government. No-one would argue against the fact that reducing marine pollution and single-use products is a good thing; it’s just common sense!

But what does that mean for the use of durable, long-term building products? With so much negative press around plastic dominating the headlines, there is a risk that all plastic gets tarred with the same brush. This assumption that all plastics are as bad for the environment as single use ones runs the risk of opportunities for a more sustainable future being missed. Because putting it simply, not all plastics are made equal.

This begs the question: how far are the media, construction industry and general public aware that not all plastic is bad for the environment? How aware are they of the sustainability merits of those aforementioned, durable plastics such as PVC-U that can not only be recycled, but actually get stronger in the process?

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